Willow Grove Foundation

Organized in 1998 by Willow Grove Bank to enhance and expand on a long established philanthropic tradition, The Willow Grove Foundation promotes activities, through grant making, that enhance the quality of life in the greater Willow Grove area, defined as Upper Moreland township and all communities, including boroughs, in the contiguous townships.

A board of eight
volunteer directors manage the activities of the Foundation and approve the distribution of grants to local organizations.

The Willow Grove Foundation focuses solely on community-based volunteer support organizations which are impacting the daily quality of life within the Willow Grove area.

The Foundation supports local organizations that are making a difference in the areas of housing, education, and community service including health and human services, arts and culture, recreation and the environment.

For more information contact:

Laura Kremp
Executive Director
P: 215.758.2069
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